At HSK we change children's lives through the power of education - working in rural Kenyan schools to build, improve and sustain better learning environments. 

What we do

We work to grow and develop primary and secondary schools, to create better learning environments and give every child the opportunity of an education. We support almost 2,000 children on a daily basis, in rural Kenya.



Our vision

To support and empower communities by helping to maintain a quality education through the provision of school infrastructure, school lunches, desks, student scholarship schemes, water harvesting, sanitation, teaching staff and teaching materials, books, sport and general wellbeing.


Author: James Wood

Fill a Bowl

For just £15 a year, our school lunch programme ensures that every child across each of our schools, gets a hearty meal each day to fill their bellies and give them the energy to learn to the best of their abilities and enjoy their school day. Find out more.



Target amount: £3,000.00

Amount raised: £0.00


Our impact


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