Our Annual Accounts are made publicly available via the Charities Commission and a summary of our 2018/19 accounts can be found below. 

Income & Expenditure 2018/19
Income for the year to 31 March 2019 amounted to £54,705.64 (2017-18: £71,860.11) with expenditure of £43,332.86 (2017-18: £160,384.19).  There was therefore a net increase in funds of £11,382.78 (2017-18: £88,510.34) in the year, with a closing total funds balance of £69,040.30 (2017-18: £57,657.52) at the end of the year.

The main activities during the year have been:

  • Finalising work on the Ngecho Secondary School Assembly Hall
  • Lunch programme continued at three primary schools
  • Equipping three primary schools with new desks
  • Salary for one privately employed teacher and teacher training paid for another
  • Scholarships awarded to secondary school students

Building works in progress were monitored by our chartered surveyor trustee and up to 10 schools were inspected by at least three trustees.

Fundraising has continued throughout the year and we are indebted in particular to our donors.