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All the schools which we support are community schools with very basic facilities; most are desperately understaffed and rely on sporadic community fundraising initiatives to support their infrastructure.

Even relatively small donations go a long way. Because we have practically no administrative costs we can guarantee your money will be spent where it is needed most.

We welcome donations in kind where practicable and cost-effective. We particularly welcome computer equipment, as we are looking to build up our schools’ IT facilities. Several UK schools and businesses have already donated stock which we have helped them transport to Kenya through our partners ‘Computers 4 Africa’ www.computers4africa.org.uk.

As a small charity we really rely on fundraising by volunteers. Past fundraising initiatives have provided for new classrooms, sport equipment and bursaries.

In 2009 a team of cyclists led by HSK trustee Peter King cycled unsupported from the UK to Kenya to raise funds for Kekopey Secondary School, in the longest known bicycle rally of its type.

If you’d like any advice about fundraising please feel free to contact us.

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The locations of schools supported by HSK
The locations of schools supported by HSK
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