Founded in 1973, this school is situated on a ridge, with a pupil catchment area of about six miles. HSK’s first involvement was in 2000 when there were 500+ pupils, and although there were groups of classrooms they were simply shells roughly constructed in stonework and had earth floors; walls were not plastered; some classrooms had no window frames; verandas and walkways had not been provided. There was no effective rainwater harvesting.


All classrooms now have concrete floors and plastered walls, glazed windows, and door frames with lockable doors. Admin offices rehoused either side of the portico, and ceilings provided. All areas painted and decorated. Rainwater harvesting and stone storage tank provided. Furniture and fitments provided for the admin area and 3-seater bench desks and teacher’s tables/chairs in classrooms. Staff toilets built. In 2017 we created a school lunch programme, providing a hot meal to over 250 students every day.


Although a great deal has been done further improvements are desirable. Some of the classroom floors need renewal or repair, and the sanitation arrangements need to be upgraded if not replaced with new. We will also continue to support the school through the provision of school lunches, books and desks.