"I was born in a family with a humble background which could hardly meet my basic needs especially, life after the death of my father.
I was in standard three.Though performing, life became unbearable in school as most of the  time i was sent home for school fees that we didn't have.
All the same, I was first in my class and was accepted into a wonderful secondary boarding school but due to financial constraints I was unable to attend. 

Later I joined a day school near my home.  I remember working in people's farms to fund my education as my mother had become sick.  Due to my good performance the headteacher allowed me to complete school and pay when I finished.  
I was determined to become a teacher so I could help other children out of poverty and even called myself 'mwalimu'  meaning teacher - and now I will be, thanks to the support of HSK.

I will finally hold the title of 'mwalimu' - thank you, I love you!"