As a charity, our mission at Harambee Schools Kenya (HSK) is to empower communities through education.

One of our ongoing programmes that we have run is the schools lunch programme where, through our team out in Kenya, we have helped feed hundreds of school children thousands of lunches across our schools network. The lunch programme has been funded in a number of ways, predominantly we have been asking for donations of £15 to feed a child for a year.

But COVID-19 has hit Kenya hard, schools have shut, and children are back with their families, many of whom sadly are going without the nutrition they need. So we are shifting our focus to providing Lunchbox Packages to desperate families who are currently unable to feed their children at home.

We are hoping to be able to supply 200 Lunchbox Packages as soon as possible, costing £35, which can feed a vulnerable family for a month.

We are hoping that some generous people can put in one week of a tube/train fare (£35) that they might have saved by working from home, into the programme.

The coronavirus has sometimes been called an equalizer because it has sickened both rich and poor, but when it comes to food, the commonality ends. It is poor people, including large segments of poorer nations, who are now going hungry and facing the prospect of starving.

We are so, so grateful for any support you are able to give to this campaign, 100% of your money will go directly to purchasing these lunchboxes which we hope to give to families by the end of this month.