Kekopey Secondary Day School

An introduction

This is a relatively new school just off the Old Nakuru road and near the prehistoric site of Kariandusi. It serves a large catchment area to the north of Gilgil. It was started in a modest way in 2009 by the community with a few mbati buildings, but when HSK decided to provide affordable secondary education by means of day schools an overall design was drawn up with the nearby Church of Goodwill with tower being its focal point. Over the years. the development of this school will give thousands of young people access to good secondary education which would not otherwise be available to them in the area.

What have we done?

During 2009 we drew up a master plan for 12 classrooms in three blocks, a matching block with double laboratory, administration offices and library, assembly hall, girls’ and boys’ toilet blocks, septic tank drainage and water storage facilities; the existing mbati buildings to be adapted eventually for career development.

By the end of 2014 we had built the first classroom block and the double laboratory, and the girls’ and boys’ toilet/washroom buildings. Initially the project was funded in 2009 by a team of cyclists led by HSK trustee Peter King who cycled unsupported from the UK to Kenya to raise money, in what is the longest known bicycle rally of its type.

Their daily routine was simple: to rise at dawn, finish at dusk and try to fit as many meals as possible between the two. In this there was often heated discussion: could the merits of third breakfast outweigh the morale of early lunch? In the desert they would ordinarily take an extended break during the hottest hours, but on average spent something like eight hours a day in the saddle. They always had plenty of sleep, the local food was unfailingly nourishing, and even sandy tracks, oppressive heat and silly hills rarely dampened their spirits for long.

The cycling was important as a symbolic journey: delivering funds and best wishes from the UK directly to the children in Kenya who so desperately needed the help. The imitative raised well over £60,000 – sufficient for the first block of 4 classrooms, the double-laboratory, the septic tank drainage system and the girls’ toilets. Realising the urgency of providing the boys with similar facilities, a private donation was generously made by a visitor in 2013 to enable the boys to have equal treatment.

What’s the plan?

Over the next five years we want to build two further blocks of classrooms, administration offices and library, assembly/dining hall, and adequate rainwater storage.. We need to raise a further £180,000 to complete these aims.

As the school is located next to the Church of Goodwill, (an interesting 1949 building left to the local area by British settlers – the Cole family) it is special to the community. We envisage that the assembly/dining hall will be multi-purpose, so will serve also as a facility for the church and its many activities, including wedding receptions, public meetings and other occasions.


Kekopey Secondary Day School

Just off the Old Nakuru road and near the prehistoric site of Kariandusi
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