Kekopey Primary School

An introduction

Kekopey Primary School has 500 pupils drawn from a very large catchment area, much of which is rocky land unsuitable for cultivation, but there is some land suitable for subsistence farming. When Kekopey Ranch was subdivided into plots, it was realised that there was no primary school serving the area. As a result Christian Aid built a four-classroom block in 1993. The parents themselves put up a further block of 7 classrooms of but they were of very poor quality, and when inspected in 2001 were in shell form only. The HM’s office was in a dingy wattle and daub building, and a similar structure housed a library with no books. Water is plentiful, supplied by gravity from a stream.

What have we done?

The old classrooms were renovated in 2003 to a good standard and a full-length verandah added, and desks and furniture were provided. Other buildings were converted to classrooms. A new admin/library block was built, and we stocked the library as well as providing textbooks.. A stone water tank was constructed which also supplied water to a kitchen garden providing an additional income for the school. Through the parents’ initiative new toilets were built. Kekopey went from being the worst performing school in the district to producing a pupil with the best KCPE results in the district in 2005.

What’s the plan?

As a major feeder school to Kekopey Secondary Day School we want to ensure that the infrastructure is adequate. Although much was done in the last decade, the school has suffered from breakages, thefts and intrusion by Naasai grazers. There is also a shortage of teachers. We will be providing new bench desks and other essential classroom furniture, ensuring water harvesting is in good condition, improving the sanitation, and supplementing the library books.


Kekopey Primary School

A very large catchment area, much of which is rocky land unsuitable for cultivation

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