Karuri Primary School

An introduction

This school had buildings constructed of wattle and daub with earth floors and virtually no facilities. In the late nineties a volunteer teacher from the UK was assigned to this school, and realised that the old mud classrooms were crumbling, and the iron roofs let in most of the rain. Window openings were very limited, which made reading extremely difficult. The same teacher, Rob Breare, became a founder trustee of HSK, having already initiated the building of brand new buildings for which he raised the funds. The cost in 1999 was £35,000.

The new school has 8 classrooms, a staffroom and offices. The community was heavily involved in construction and planning throughout. Much of the labour was undertaken by unwaged members of the Karuri community. The school was built in stone to a good standard; with classrooms large and airy, and the windows fully glazed throughout. There are now 280 pupils.

What have we done?

Further donations in the last few years allowed other improvements to be made, such as new furniture, noticeboards and cupboards in every classroom, and a good staffroom and Headteacher’s office. In 2003 a new stone water tank was constructed. In 2005 a library was added, fully furnished and equipped with some new books. Permanent metal football and volleyball posts have been provided.

What’s the plan?

Although Karuri is now a relatively new building, there were problems with acidity in the sand, which have caused some settlement and erosion of the floors. We hope to rectify these defects as soon as possible. In addition, more books are always needed for the library.


Karuri Primary School

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