Kamathatha Primary School

An introduction

Kamathatha Primary School is situated below Gilgil, on the arid and dusty floor of the Rift Valley. The school has around 300 pupils, drawn from a mixed community of pastoral Maasai as well as Kikuyu. Many walk for several hours to reach the school; the teachers generally commute from Gilgil by bicycle.

What have we done?

Although Kamathatha has taken great steps over the last year, there is still plenty of work to be done. The lower school desperately needs new furniture and we have plans to fill in a gap between two buildings to act as a Headmaster’s office.

What’s the plan?

HSK first became involved at Kamathatha in 2005, after the local community organised a successful harambee (fundraising event). HSK topped up their funds to complete four semi-built stone classrooms, adding a verandah to provide shade and aid water collection. Since then HSK has provided four new classrooms, replacing the cramped and dilapidated wooden ones being used by the lower school and providing desks for the upper school.

Kamathatha’s new four classroom block was officially handed over by Jane Kihara, the local MP, in June 2006. Jane was overwhelmed, not just by the new block but also by the complete renovation of the old block thanks to the work of Teresa Hettich and George Parkes, volunteer teachers at the school in 2005. We are about to start work on a new water tank, for which they too have found the funds.

These works have greatly improved the teaching environment, which has not only aided learning but has also harboured a new sense of drive, purpose and determination at the school.


Kamathatha Primary School

Situated below Gilgil, on the arid and dusty floor of the Rift Valley

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