Kahuho Primary School

An introduction

Kahuho Primary School was founded in 1972 in a former colonial farmhouse, which now serves as the school office, staff room and library; the grounds extend to about 12 acres. There are about 500 pupils.
In 2001 there was a 6-classroom block partly unfinished, a former workshop in the process of conversion to 3 classrooms and a back-to-back block of 6 classrooms in hopeless condition and windows on only one side. Rainwater harvesting was partial and a stone tank was in disrepair. At that time the toilets (long drops) were fairly new, but now in 2015 they need replacement – he structure over one of the girls’ blocks collapsed recently.

What have we done?

In 2002 we completed the conversion of the former workshop to provide 3 classrooms, two divided by folding doors to be used for assembly; changed the back-to-back classrooms, improved some of the other classrooms, overhauled the water harvesting, built  a new stone water tank, and provided furniture for classrooms and staff room;  a handing-over ceremony took place on 26 March 2003.

What’s the plan?

We need to provide new toilet facilities; complete the improvement of 3 original classrooms – concreting the floors, plastering walls, inserting window frames and casements, and providing walkway with verandah; overhaul the rainwater harvesting and provide new tank; upgrade the administration area; and provide more classroom furniture. The playing fields are extremely uneven and will need to be levelled so that football, volleyball and netball can be played on a regular basis.


Kahuho Primary School

A former colonial farmhouse

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