Cedar Primary School

An introduction

Cedar Primary School was founded in 1995 and now serves over 400 hundred pupils within a five-mile radius. The classrooms were totally inadequate but could be renovated, and there was need for a new 4-classroom block. Because of its physical state and poor access roads the school struggles to attract high-calibre teachers and so the pupils’ grades are poor. There is a lack of essential facilities, and there is poor sanitation.

What’s the plan?

We aim to bring this school to an acceptable standard over the next five years. This will involve three phases: first, the construction of a new 6-classroom block with rainwater harvesting; second, the provision of new toilet facilities; and third the improvement and reconstruction of the existing classrooms which are over 10 years old and some potentially dangerous.

The new 4-classroom block, with some input by parents and the community, is likely to cost £24,000. The new toilet facilities have yet to be costed but could be built in 4 stages costing about £3,500 per stage.

The estimated cost of bringing the existing buildings to an acceptable condition is £36,000. This includes the basics of new floors throughout £12,000, new windows £3,000, increasing height of walls £5,000 and new roof structure £8,000.


Cedar Primary School

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