Ngecho Primary School

An introduction

This lies on a ridge east of the road from Gilgil to Ol’Kalou. It started as a small school built by the community in 1998 in the corner of grounds of 12 acres. HSK’s first visit was in 2003, by which time there were 8 classrooms either of timber or corrugated sheets, and about 400 pupils. The facilities were minimal.

What have we done?

In 2004, we erected a timber-framed building to serve as the headteacher’s office and staff room. More recently we decided to make improvements following the erection by others of 6 stone-built classrooms. Through the generosity of a single donor we were able in 2012 to commission proposals for 6 new stone-built classrooms, an admin section for the headteacher, staff offices and staff room, fitments, furniture and desks, rainwater harvesting and new toilets for girls and boys. The whole was completed in 2014.

What’s the plan?

Although the school has now been completed, a library will need to be fitted out and stocked, and landscaping can also now be enhanced.


Ngecho Primary School


Lies on a ridge east of the road from Gilgil to Ol’Kalou

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